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4 decorating tips to make any room better


Not satisfied with your room? Want to make a change, make it look gorgeous and still feel cozy in it? Here are 4 tips how to make your room look and feel better.

Personal item and a favorite piece from your wardrobe The first step of making your room cozy and to make it feel like home is that you include your personal note in it You can help yourself with your personal items and favorite pieces of your wardrobe. You can find interesting structures, colors, fabrics or patterns in them and you integrate them into your room by including characteristics of your chosen items. Turn them in to your carpet fabric, furniture structure, colors of your walls, patterns on your bedding, etc.

Color of the wall It is known that different colors which we perceive with our eyes bring out different emotions and states of mind in us. So it is very important that the first step of decorating a room is to choose colors that bring out good emotions and vibes in you, especially if you spend the most of your day in it You can check general explanations for each color or you can simply look at various colors and observe how you are feeling while looking at them.

Furniture is often expensive and pretty hard to move around or to replace, so it is very important that you choose furniture that will be in your room for a long term. It is important that you pick neutral colored furniture, made of natural materials if possible, because in the future you may decide to change the color of you room and so the old furniture will still go with it

Space Having enough space in your room is very important for you to feel good in it, therefore it is better to keep small items like books, cd-s, clothes, etc. in your closets, small drawers or cases. This is how you make possible that the sunlight lightens your entire room and the air can circulate freely to every corner. This way your room will always feel fresh.

These 4 tips include the main ingredients for your well being as you tarry in a room. In addition, it is always good to have some home accessories to fill up the space and make you feel more settled in your home. So get creative and make any room in your home smashing all by yourself.

Home Decorating Ideas for Teens’ Rooms


If you have a teenager you know that he can be picky about how he wants his space to be decorated. Before you hit the home improvement store it would be a good idea to get his input on what he wants his room to look like. If your teenager is into comic books and action movies, you would seek out decor that reflects these themes. Also give him some say so in the kind of paint to be use in the renovation and your teen might suggest certain furniture pieces to use in his room. You don’t have to pay a fortune to decorate your teen’s room because there are online retailers and discount chain stores that offer great stuff at affordable prices.

Because your teen accumulates plenty of items, it’s a good idea to help her stay organized by providing adequate storage for her things. Assist her in getting rid of unnecessary things and then place her other valuables in cute and categorized storage bins to place in the closet. Purchase a bookcase for her books and magazines, and you can also purchase a sizable storage bin that will fit under the bed where she can store her most worn shoes.

Choose a style that is within his age range but that also has some maturity to it. For example, if your teenage son loves science fiction and aspires to work in zoology one day, you can put up posters of your son’s favorite science fiction book covers while also purchasing bedding that has phrases in fancy lettering which pertain to zoology. By doing this you help him bridge the gap between boyhood and adulthood.

Don’t try to take over the decorating process entirely when you decorate your teen’s room. If you do this your teen might not like your ideas and feel left out of the process. Instead you can compromise on certain types of decor and the both of you will be happy in the long run. In conclusion, your teen has his own identity and it’s reflected in his choice of room decor. Respect his tastes and help him get inspired to decorate as he wishes. You may not always agree with the style but in the end it’s your teen who will sleep in the room. If your teen is stumped for decor ideas, ask him about his interests and use those as the basis for the design.